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2017. Július 16. 20:46  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: I am a little bit disappointed that we did not win

The two managers shared their thoughts on Sunday's OTP league game.

Marko Nikolic:

"I am a little bit disappointed that we did not manage to win the game. As I have said earlier, it is never easy to play newly promoted sides in a season opener as they are always very motivated. We played with too much nerves and made several technical mistakes, which you cannot afford to do at this level. Our opponents took an early lead, but we did the same when we levelled early in the second. However, we could not score the second goal, even though we had the chances. It is enough to just mention Geresi or the chance that fell to Scepovic. But altogether, if I am honest I would say that we did not deserve the three points today. Balmazujvaros defender really well and they played with plenty of motivation. The hit good counter attacks and I would like to congratulate Ferenc Horvath and his side. We will be back on the pitch on Thursday and it is important that we have regeneration in the coming days. We did not rotate too much from the last game. I hope that Nomme Kalju and the Puskas Academy will both end in wins."

Horváth Ferenc:

"I am satisfied with the result! It is a big thing for our small team to play one of the best teams in Hungary in the opening game. We have done that and taken a point. Today was all about heart and the players did all that we asked. We defended well and also had counter attacks in the first half. That was not the case in the second half, but our defending was still fine. We could not have had a better game as a starter. My players need to get used to first division football. Several of them have not played at this level. We tired mentally and physically a little but as I have said, our hearts took us forward. We can build on this in the games to come. I would like to wish Vidi the best in the Europa League."

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