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2017. Június 16. 06:07  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Szolnoki: The first summer friendly was a positive one

The defender felt the youngsters that played did well in the friendly match.

"I would summarise the first summer friendly as positive. We won the match and we did that against good opponents. Several youngsters were given the chance during the 90 minutes and they did not let anyone down. It is not by chance that they are out here with us. We directed things in the early parts of the first half, before our opponents came back and had some chances. We created several chances in the second 45 minutes and with a little bit more concentration, could have ended with us scoring more goals. It is true that at this part of pre-season, matches are not about the results, and we have been training hard twice a day. We also had very tough sessions on Wednesday so we did not go out onto the pitch in the most relaxed fashion. We played in a different formation than we did last season. I am sure that more hard training sessions lie ahead for us in the next few days. We well have competitive matches in the Europa League in two weeks time" - commented Roland Szolnoki to the website.


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