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2017. Június 16. 17:13  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Scepovic: The result and the way we played is promising

The Serbian forward was pleased to score the first goal of the summer pre-season and is looking forward to finding out who Vidi will play in the Europa League.

"The first few days of the training camp have been very tough, but also enjoyable training sessions. This is why I cannot say that we were fresh in our first friendly match of pre-season, but we are at the stage where that is not the aim. At the same time the result and at times the way we played are promising. Naturally we have areas that we need to improve and we will work hard so that this happens in the future. I am really enjoying working with Marko Nikolic. He is a manager that was popular with the supporters of Partizan. I also believe that the Vidi supporters will quickly take to him. I am pleased that I managed to score the winning goal in our first summer friendly. It is always important for a forward to score goals. However, the really important goals always come in competitive key matches. We have a further 3 friendly matches in the coming days in Austria. We are also looking forward to the draw for the Q1 stage on Monday and to find out our opponents" - commented Marko Scepovic after the forward scored the games only goal on Thursday.


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