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2017. Június 15. 22:12  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: I am satisfied with the attitude of the players

The two managers shared their thoughts on Thursday's friendly game in Slovenia.

Marko Nikolics:

It is always a good feeling when you win as even in games like these, you cannot play without passion and targets. We played a mixed team in both halves, and we also played players that did not feature too much last year. We also gave the chance to some youngsters. I am satisfied overall and saw positives and naturally also negative things. We are here to correct the latter in training and also watching video analysis. I am counting on us playing better in the next match. We have 10-12 days to get ready fitness wise and we played today's game after two tough training sessions on Wednesday. I am satisfied with the players attitude. I do not want to talk too much about these friendly games as both teams are in the pre-season phase. I will say once more that I am pleased that we managed to win and the attitude was correct.

Ilir Daja:

We knew that we would have serious opponents today and we watched recordings of Vidi. We are both in the middle of our training camps and we played today after some serious work in training. We had 5-6 players missing today and some of them have some extra time to relax after international duty. The others are injured. Vidi changed their side in the second half, but due to what I have just said, we were unable to do the same. Our opponents were fresher as a result on the pitch. We played well and I would like to wish Videoton FC the very best in the Europa League and domestic league.

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