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2017. Június 08. 12:59  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic was introduced to the media on Thursday

The new manager of Videoton FC met the press at the Novotel in Szekesfehervar.

Marko Nikolics, the new manager, together with director of football Zoltan Kovacs met the media on Thursday morning at the Novotel in Szekesfehervar.

The two revealed at the beginning that they had come to an agreement on the new position very easily. "The main reason that I have come here is the ambitions and targets of the club. I am 37 and a young coach, but I have been in this profession for 17 years now. A total of 10 of those have been within professional football, so I do not have to rush. Videoton is a perfect step for me and a great chance in my career" - said the new manager. 

Nikolic replied to the questions from the journalists, which included the "Europa League competition not being the main target but that it would be taken very seriously and an important series. There is no such thing for me as a friendly game. I take each match seriously and I want to win every game, despite who the opponents are and whether they are big rivals."

Another reply included "it is natural that we do have some targets, but we do not need to make too many changes to the playing squad, which is quite strong and should be enough to compete for the league title."

The press conference was covered live by and can be seen in full below and does include translation.

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