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2017. Április 15. 20:09  -  David Rechnitzer
Henning Berg: More is needed for a win than we showed today

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday evening's OTP game.

Henning Berg:

“This was a type of game that we should have won. We should have converted the chances into goals. We knew that we would have more chances on goal than Mezokovesd and this is how it turned out. However, we could not win the game. Today's result is disappointing. We need to show more than we did today if we are to win. We had several set pieces in the opponents half, but we could not convert them. I was not satisfied about this. Either the crosses were not accurate or the finishing. Our attacking play down the right in the first half did not go the way it should have, but this improved in the second period. Asmir Suljic played well and he had the beating of his opponent in a one-on-one situation. Marko Scepovic perhaps felt that he had played all three games during the week, which is why in a normal situation, he would have scored from one of the chances that fell his way. He worked very hard and did all he could. We should have created more big chances as a team today."

Tomiszlav Szivics: 

"I felt that we deserved the point that we got today and we planned for. There were key moments in the match today. We managed to equalise very quickly after conceding a goal. We were organised and waiting to hit hit them on the counter attack. I thought that we were good in this area today. He had a big chance towards the end of the game and I am thinking here of the chance that fell to Strestik. The ball was played just behind him and I am also curious about what happened to him in the last minute inside the box. I am sure that this point will give the team a big lift that we managed to pick up a point at the home of Videoton."

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