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2017. Április 15. 08:24  -  David Rechnitzer
Henning Berg: I want us to win at the Pancho Arena in a good game

The Videoton manager previews Saturday's home league game with Mezokovesd.

“The most important thing is to have suitable concentration and mentality ahead of the league match with Mezokovesd. Football produces good and bad results. The recent game against Vasas did not produce a win, but we came away from the home of Gyirmot with all 3 points. I saw good things from my team in both matches. However, I also did see areas that need improvement. Our home form despite last weeks game is not bad. I want us to win again in a good match at the Pancho Arena. Our opponents made many changes over the winter break. The second half of the season has not gone the way they would have wanted so far. They did manage to win their most recent league game against Debrecen, so we will have to perform at a high level to win" - commented Henning Berg ahead of the game with Mezokovesd.


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