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2017. Március 27. 19:42  -  David Rechnitzer
The new Sostoi stadium is starting to take shape

A press conference was held on Monday afternoon to give an update on the building work.

The new Sostoi stadium is starting to take shape after the completion of demolition work and the actual ground work starting at the end of 2016. A press conference was held at the location where the latest information was delivered to the media present. 

Peter Gonczol, who is the Managing Director of contractor Strabag MML Kft, spoke at the event on Monday afternoon. He mentioned that we have arrived at the stage when the most spectacular steps are beginning to take place. The massive concrete structures are being positioned in to place and the structural engineering continues at a pace. 

Andras Cser Palkovics, the local mayor of Szekesfehervar, also confirmed that the timeline for completing the new stadium would be kept even though a very cold winter was experienced over recent months. He added that the supporters could begin to countdown the return to the new stadium in the city as work speeds up. The new arena would not only be a UEFA category 4 venue but also a stadium fit for the 21st century as well as being multifunctional. The local streets would also be renewed and the surrounding area improved as a result, which would naturally bring plenty of benefits. 

Róbert Varga, the area director of Strabag MML Kft talked about the new 14,201 capacity Sostoi stadium. The basic area was around 10,199m2 and the highest point of the complex would rise to 21,28 meters. A total of 405 car parking spaces would be available at the time of completion. Around 11% of the building work has been completed, with about 95% of demolition work and 90% of the piles completed. All ground works have also been carried out according to the time plan. A total of 134 people work on the site together with 17 machines to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

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